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Resources for Current Students

General Forms

Special Course Enrollment Form

The term “Special Course” formerly applied to any “course” in which students working with different faculty members were registered collectively in a single class section. Enrollment in such classes was handled through a form that allowed office staff to track the faculty members with whom students were working. The need for such forms and associated procedures disappeared when the new registration system began to allow students to identify individual faculty members at the time of enrollment in the class. Hence, registration for PSY 680, 685, 693, 695, 699, 880, 885, 890, 893, 895 and 899 should now be done directly by students. Be careful to indicate the appropriate faculty member when registering, because end-of-semester grades are collected from the named faculty member.

Request to Psychology DGP Discretionary Fund

This form should be used by current graduate students in Psychology, when there has been a minor expense related to some academic activity. At the discretion of the DGP, and within the limits of available funds, such expenses can be partially reimbursed. The procedure for requesting reimbursements, and some examples of the sorts of activities that will be considered, are shown on the form itself. Generally, the second, third or later requests from the same individual will be assigned a lower priority.

Please complete both forms at the same time and submit them to the DGP with whatever supporting receipts or documentation are specified.

  •  FORM — to apply for support from the DGP Discretionary Fund
  •  FORM — for processing reimbursement, if request is approved

Scheduling Forms for Proposal Presentations, Preliminary Examinations and/or Defenses

  •  FORM — to schedule a meeting to present a proposal for MS thesis research [For students entering prior to 2016 or in special circumstances] or a second-year project
  •  FORM — to schedule a defense of the MS thesis [For students entering prior to 2016 or in special circumstances]
  •  FORM — to schedule written and oral Ph.D. preliminary examinations
  •  FORM — to schedule a meeting to present a proposal for Ph.D. dissertation research
  •  FORM — to schedule a final defense of the Ph.D. dissertation

Request for Extension to Schedule Cancellation During Residency Determination

Request for Exception to the Twelve-Hour Rule

Request for (other) Special Permissions, Exceptions, Waivers or Substitutions

Plan of Work

Plans of Work (for the MS, CAS-MS or PhD) are now handled almost entirely on-line, through the Student Information System (SIS). After consultation with his/her Advisor, each student must identify the faculty members who will serve as his/her Advisory Committee (minimum of three for MS Committees [for students entering prior to 2016], four for second-year project and PhD Committees), and the individual(s) who will serve as Chair or as Co-Chairs for the Committee. This is typically the person who has been the initial Advisor, but there is no rule that requires this continuation. See this link for information about including committee members from other institutions. The Plan of Work lists all for-credit courses that will be taken in satisfaction of the requirements of the indicated degree.

Click HERE to reach the main NC State web page. Use MyPackPortal to access entry process for Advisory Committee and Plan of Work.

Checklists — to be submitted at the time the Plan of Work has been entered in SIS

To allow the DGP and Graduate Programs Assistant to effectively review a POW, students must also provide a properly completed and signed departmental Checklist. These checklists simplify confirmation that all departmental requirements have been met. The DGP will assume that the on-line acceptance of a Plan by all committee members, plus the signature of the Chair on the Checklist, certifies that any/all program-specific requirements have been met.

Request for Revisions in Plan of Work

Preparing an accurate plan of work is important, but such documents are not intended to become rigid and inflexible. There are many reasons why a POW might need to be modified. For example, a faculty member may retire or leave the university. A student’s interests may change. A particular course may not be offered within the expected time-frame. For such reasons, it is usually possible* to modify the POW to meet changing situations. Any Request-to-Revise Form must be signed by ALL committee members (including any faculty member being removed from a given committee).**

* The primary exception to this flexibility occurs during the period of the Preliminary Qualifying Exam. Except under extraordinary circumstances, no changes are permitted in the composition of a Graduate Advisory Committee between the start of the written and oral exam process and its successful completion.

** If the requested change is minor (e.g., same course will be taken, but in a different semester; or an independent study is being switched from PSY 880.001 to PSY 893; or some other relative trivial adjustment), then the Graduate Programs Assistant or DGP will accept a form signed only by the student and his/her Chair.

Forms for Research

Psychology department Guide to Data Management for Personal Research.

Forms for Teaching Assistants

  •  FORM — for use during classroom observations

School Psychology Resources

Here is a link to the School Psychology handbook (PDF).