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Psychology students, faculty, and clubs may use this form to reserve rooms for Psychology Department functions, such as area faculty meetings, brown bags and club meetings. This form is NOT for graduate-degree-related functions such as proposals, theses, thesis equivalencies, dissertations, written exams, and oral exams. For those requests, go to Documents and Forms for Current Students.

Requests will be processed as promptly as possible. Psychology Department staff will attempt to locate an appropriately sized room available at the time specified, and you will be notified via email whether or not a room will be available. Note, the Psychology Department cannot accommodate more than 38 attendees. If you expect more, please reserve a room through the Registration & Records Reserve a Classroom system.

If you have any comments or questions, please put them in the Additional Information section of the form.

Please allow at least two business days for the request to be processed.

Psychology faculty, students, and clubs may use this form to request a temporary visitor parking permit for guests of Psychology Department functions such as guest speakers. Students and clubs must seek approval from a faculty member prior to completing this form and list the supporting faculty member in the Additional Information box below. Note: guests who are affiliated with NCSU (students, staff, faculty, etc) are not eligible for a visitor parking pass.

Requests must be placed no earlier than one week before the event and no later than one day before the event. Requests will be processed as promptly as possible, and a staff member will email you when the task has been completed. Shortly after, your guest will be emailed a one-day parking pass by the NC State University Department of Transportation. The pass will be valid at the closest available parking area to the event location.

If you have additional comments or questions, please list them in the Additional Information section of the form.

Please allow at least two business days for the request to be processed.

To request changes to the Psychology Department website, please email the Psychology webmaster at including a link to the page(s) needing improvement and a description of the content to be replaced, added, or deleted.

Important Links

Policies and Procedures

To make office-related purchases, you can do any of the following:

  • Send links of the products to the staff (along with the purpose) – handy for Amazon. For other vendors, you need to use links you find in Marketplace
  • Place Marketplace items into your shopping cart and either (1) bring your computer to 640 so that staff can use the Dept. Credit Card, or (2) ask staff to come to your office for the same purpose.
  • Reimbursements from purchases
  • Please be sure to have all purchases made with personal funds pre-approved by the Department Head or Executive Assistant. Before you make a purchase with cash or your charge card, contact the PSY office to see if the item is available on MarketPlace.
  • When you want to make a purchase from MarketPlace, please provide the item number as well as the purpose for the purchase. A purpose is required by the state.
  • If you do make a purchase and want to be reimbursed, you must provide an original receipt (no scanning and emailing). Again, an NCSU/NCGA rule, not ours.
  • Software purchases must go through IT (

Before you go:

  • A travel authorization is REQUIRED 5 business days prior to travel.
  • If you want the university to pay for your travel, you must have prior authorization. Keep in mind many people must approve this before travel actually occurs so please allow plenty of time.
  • Precise dollar amounts are not required for travel authorization. You may estimate hotel and airfare costs.
  • Travel authorization approval does NOT mean the university/department agrees to pay for your trip.
  • If you are not requesting reimbursement for travel, completing a travel authorization is still a good idea in case of an emergency (e.g., your car is hit while on a business-related trip).

Once you are home:

  • Travel reimbursement requests are due no later than 21 calendar days after travel occurs. Your request must be approved by many people, so 21 days only leave us with a few days for everyone to approve.
  • If you provide your personal charge card statement for payment verification, please redact non-relevant information. Many people will have access to this statement.
  • Combining Personal Travel and Helpful Hints
  • When you are adding personal travel to your NCSU travel, you must provide airline comparisons before your trip. We need (3) comparisons for the dates that you would have traveled if you did not add personal travel. These comparisons need to be created before you leave so the exact dates can be used.
  • Google Drive mobile app supports scanning documents by taking a photo with your smartphone and uploading it to your Drive account for easy access later. Very handy for making sure you do not lose taxi receipts, etc.
  • You can upload and save receipts to MyPackPortal without routing the reimbursement for approval, so you can upload receipts as they come available if you so choose.
  • When requesting reimbursement, please delete all personal info from the documentation for your own protection.
  • Instructors with TAs should have the TA make copies of exams. Office staff can help them get that set up. 
  • If you do not have a TA, email the exam to at least two business days ahead of time.  
  • Requests for parking passes and conference rooms require two business days’ notice. Use this link to request a pass for a visitor 
  • Conference rooms cannot be reserved for classes.  Classrooms should be used for all classes. To reserve a classroom, email Use this link to reserve a room


CARMA has been around for over a decade and features several webcasts from experts in advanced analytic methods each year.  We have access to the entire catalog.

To access these videos, first, sign up at this link using your NCSU email.  Then head to the login area and click video library

You can view the talk titles at this link without setting up an account:

Topics include advanced regression methods, multilevel models, advanced SEM, mediation and moderation, network models, dyadic data analysis, and much more.  

This is a great way to get an overview of a new topic or to build on your existing training.  


The link to the NCSU Experimetrix web portal is listed below:

The lead Experimetrix TA is Unber Ahmad, who can be contacted at the email address below: