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Admission Info

Applied Social Psychology

Completion of our graduate program leads to a PhD degree; we do not offer a terminal Master’s degree. Applications are welcome from students with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. Students are admitted each fall semester; applications are due December 1st. Application materials can be accessed on the graduate section of the department website.

Admission is competitive and is based upon past academic performance, letters of recommendation, and the match between the applicant’s research interests and those of the faculty. Previous research experience is highly valued. The Applied Social Psychology concentration does not consider GRE scores in selection decisions.

The majority of admitted students receive funding in the form of teaching or research assistantships, with levels of support and benefits typical of those offered among doctoral-level psychology programs. Students may qualify for supplemental funding from the Graduate School.

Should I Apply?

Students are admitted who are strong academically, show an aptitude for research, and whose interests match well with the interests of a program faculty member. A previous degree in psychology is not required, although prior coursework in psychology is highly recommended. Applicants’ research interests are evaluated for consistency with the foci of the Applied Social Psychology program.

Application Procedure

Several items are required before an application is complete. These include the Graduate School application,  transcripts of all previous academic work, and three letters of recommendation.  The TOEFL is required for most international students. More specific details on what is needed, where to obtain the appropriate forms, and/or how to submit required information is available in the graduate section of the department website.