Applying for Admission

New graduate students are accepted for entrance in Fall semesters only. All of our graduate programs train students at the doctoral level. Students are selected in terms of their interest in pursuing the doctorate and the probability of their successful completion of that degree. We do not offer separate masters-level programs. Students admitted after 2015 will complete a structured second-year research project rather than a formal master’s degree, although the MS may be awarded in some special circumstances upon the advice of the student’s committee.  

The application deadline for entry in Fall 2019 is December 1st, 2018 for all programs in the Psychology Department.  All supporting materials, including GRE scores, unofficial transcripts, and letters of recommendation, along with the completed application, should be uploaded by this date. Note that this deadline is earlier than the University deadline. Please do not submit your application before mid-October, 2018. Candidates for admission should apply to only one program within the Department.

The forms available below are intended to serve as the Personal Statement portion of the application for admission to the graduate programs in the Department of Psychology, as described below.  Students can apply to only one area of concentration.

To obtain the Personal Statement form, click on the name of the program to which you are applying. Note: Human Factors and Applied Cognition (PSG) and Industrial-Organizational Psychology (PSI) links are surveys instead of a Personal Statement.  Please complete the survey.  In lieu of the Personal Statement required on the application, upload a copy of your resume or C.V.

Main Application

To apply to the University itself, you must complete the on-line application. Requests for financial aid can be made at the same time. NC State does not distribute or accept hard-copy applications. Although our program-specific Statements take the place of uploading a document into the Personal Statement section of the main application, you will still need to complete the Campus Safety-Related questions in that section.

Personal Statement, by Program

We appreciate your understanding that, although some of the information requested on the following forms is redundant with items also requested on the main university application, having your basic information available in an easily-accessed format, and closely associated with your goals/experience statements, is very helpful to us in reaching our decisions. We thank you for your help.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Select the form below that is appropriate to the specific program within Psychology to which you wish to apply.
  2. Complete the information requested and include responses to any open-ended questions. The form should allow you to cut-and-paste from other documents you may have already prepared. (Use the TAB key or mouse to move from blank to blank.) You may, of course, save your work and return to it as often as you wish. Note that all relevant information you wish to be reviewed as part of your Statement, should be in that document itself. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT OTHER DOCUMENTS OR CVs, and do not reference such content in your Personal Statement.
  3. When the Personal Statement is ready, be sure to save it. Then convert the completed document to a .pdf format. (For most applicants, your word-processing application will allow you to save your finished work as a .pdf.)
  4. Upload the .pdf version of your Personal Statement into the appropriate section of your primary on-line ApplyYourself application. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU PAY YOUR FEE AND SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. Once an application has been submitted, you can no longer change its content. Be sure to complete the Campus Safety-Related questions in that same section of the on-line application.

If you need assistance in submitting your Personal Statement, please contact the Department’s Graduate Services Coordinator, Cristina Carrillo,  at

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Scores

In addition to the main application, the applicant should order electronic reporting of GRE General Test scores from ETS. (Use institutional code 5496.) These scores must be received by the application deadline.  The test date must be within 5 years of the date of the submission of the application.  (Note that the Psychology GRE Subject Test is not required.) Three letters of recommendation are also required, and the writers must submit these letters through ApplyYourself (following instructions in the application).

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters are customary and expected. In completing your on-line application, you will be asked for the names of three references. For each reference, you will be asked to indicate an email address. The Apply Yourself system will then generate messages to each reference, directing that person to a web site where he/she can complete a recommendation form and input a letter on your behalf. The message will include a sign-in code unique to your application. This is the preferred method for submitting recommendations.


Applicants should upload scanned unofficial transcripts before submitting their applications. Official transcripts are needed only when students are recommended for admission. For further information about submission of transcripts, click here.

Additional Information for International Students

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) — most international students will also have to provide evidence of proficiency in the use of the English language. Information on the use of the TOEFL is available through this link.  Applications from international students will be flagged and not considered complete until a score on the TOEFL (or an approved alternative test) is submitted or one of the alternative requirements has been met.  

See the Office of International Services’ webpage for information for international applicants. The site includes material on financial aid, visa and immigration, and resources within the NC State community.

Selection Process

Criteria for admission include the match between the applicant’s goals and the program training objectives; the quality of the student’s academic background, as indicated by the undergraduate record and letters of recommendation; research experience; and test scores. Although no formal cut-off scores for the GRE are defined, scores greater than the 50th percentile are expected.

Support for Graduate Education

For information about tuition and fees, see; for University financial aid, see Departmental assistantships, in the form of teaching assistantships (TAs) and research assistantships (RAs) are available on a competitive basis. All applicants are considered for TA and RA positions, and only the application for admission is necessary for consideration for these departmental awards.

Additional Information

The Graduate School’s admissions webpage is a helpful resource. Contact Dr. Mary Wyer, the Director of Graduate Programs, at for further information about graduate study in Psychology at NC State. Email Ms. Cristina Carrillo,, with questions about the application process.