Parking Pass Request Form

Psychology faculty, students, and clubs may use this form to request a temporary visitor parking permit for guests of Psychology Department functions such as guest speakers. Students and clubs must seek approval from a faculty member prior to completing this form and list the supporting faculty member in the Additional Information box below. Note: guests who are affiliated with NCSU (students, staff, faculty, etc) are not eligible for a visitor parking pass.

Requests must be placed no earlier than one week before the event and no later than one day before the event. Requests will be processed as promptly as possible, and a staff member will email you when the task has been completed. Shortly after, your guest will be emailed a one-day parking pass by the NC State University Department of Transportation. The pass will be valid at the closest available parking area to the event location.

If you have additional comments or questions, please list them in the Additional Information section of the form.

Please click here to open the parking pass form.